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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

i would like to curse whoever kills me.

not because i want to deter anyone from killing me, but because i want to see if curses work.

i've always believed that i would die a violent death, so i figure i might as well get something out of it.

i want whoever kills me to die a slow, horrible, painful death, completely aware of every second of suffering, screaming in terror every moment until their heart finally stops.

burning alive would work. so would drowning. suffocation. creeping carcinoma. emphysema. gangrene. quadraplegia. radiation poisoning. being buried alive.

but even sweeter would be the excruciatingly slow death. a life without any happiness, every wish turned to ashes, every hope slain, every dream destroyed. forever, without redemption. and i want them to fail at suicide, too, so that they can live hopeless, empty lives until they are 95 years old.

even better, i want them to have moments where they think that they're going to make it, that they think they'll survive, only to have it snatched away at the last second.

i want someone to laugh at them when this happens.

i want this curse to pass onto their children, and their children's children, generations upon generations until the sun finally burns out.

and i want them to all know this happened because of me.

not that i really believe in curses. but we'll see, won't we?


Blogger SPAM said...

Are you in fact not cursing yourself? You are the killer who is experiencing the slow, painful death. You have not detered yourself from trying to be your killer.. you just have not succeeded. It sounds as if you are fully aware of every suffering second.
PROZAC works wonders....better than that other crap they have you on....

10:50 AM


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