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Saturday, February 21, 2004

so I learned the lesson the hard way. besides being a "natural" viagra, yohimbe has a stimulatory effect, which many people liken to drinking several pots of coffee at once. now, I've had some really bad reactions with this stuff. from what I understand, this is also what a panic attack feels like. palpitations, feeling like passing out, restlessness and agitation, headaches. this time, I decided to take a beta-blocker first, which helped with the panic symptoms, especially the feeling that the world was going to end, or at least, that I was going to die. but I still couldn't go to sleep for at least 4 hours. so I decided to play with the Valium. 2mg made me feel relaxed a little, but then it wore off. 2mg more still didn't do much, but luckily, by then I was sleepy anyway. it's probably because I've been ingesting all these drugs inducing my P450 system, not the least of which is ethanol.